Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Introduction to We are Planet Earth

Do you sometimes get discouraged listening to all the negative news wherever you seem to set out for the day, whether it is on the radio, internet news, local TV news, at work, Facebook, or other social media, and sometimes even at home? Me too! I hope this blog becomes a place to refresh and give each of us at least a momentary ray of hope, hope for the now. This blog was created to explore three topics brought together under one subject. We are Planet Earth!
The three topics are:
Topic One) I am or Who Am I?
Advertisers spend millions, no billions of dollars trying to convince us that to find happiness we must purchase something or do something that is outside us.  Everywhere we look, whether it’s on TV, the computer, at our local shops, or even flashing billboards we have these manipulating messages. Buy me, go here; this will make you satisfied, happy. Obviously, they are much more subtle.
The good news, you can save your money. The only way to find ourselves or happiness is to look within. Anything you buy or get externally is only a quick fix. It only brings a faux happiness or satisfaction. Within a short period of time you will be in the same place as you were before; wanting. Many of us are in debt due to this dilemma. We keep buying more or going on more vacations trying to feel satisfied only to end up back at that same place of wanting something.
Again, the good news is that each person on this earth is incredible in his/her own way, and has her/his own special earth walk. We all have our own gifts, talents, insights, but we must be quiet long enough to look within. We must quit trying to find happiness outside ourselves. The old saying is “Beauty is in the eye of the Beholder”; my advice, quiet yourself and “Behold Your Beauty”. Part one of this blog will be focusing on this aspect. I hope to hear from you. Let me know if you have found this to be true. Share your wisdom with me and others. We are all here learning from our journey. What have you learned lately?
Topic 2)  Appreciating Diversity
Daffodils are beautiful flowers that seem to announce the coming arrival of spring. Ruffled yellow flower bunches seem to be arranged as if singing the joy of spring as a choir. Although they bring so much joy, aren’t you glad they aren’t the only kind of flower? Wouldn’t you miss the velvety petals of roses and the sweet aroma they bring? Although butterflies are wonderful with their symmetrical wing patterns and wondrous colors aren’t you glad that we have the comical croak of a frog that can catch a fly 10 feet away? Diversity! Diversity is a blessing this earth brings us. Without diversity it would be less colorful, exciting, just plain dull. Yet when it comes to the diversity of people, many fear others who are different. How can we change the fear into delight? A daffodil doesn’t fear a rose. And most of us delight in the diversity of most everything else in nature. Why do so many people fear one another due to their differences? Why can’t we appreciate and be joyful of the diversity that each of us brings to our earth? Please help me explore this dilemma.

Topic 3: Delighting in Mother Earth
Breathtaking beauty surrounds us if we only open our eyes. I am speechless right now as I consider the awesome planet where we live. Take a moment and search the internet for beautiful landscapes of our earth. You will be both blessed and amazed at both the the beauty of the earth and the creative talents of our fellow brother and sisters. Here are a few titles of YouTubes that honor the glory of Mother Earth. Enjoy! They are great to watch and listen to when you feel a bit depressed, stressed, or just need a little lift. Go to Youtube and type in these titles:
·         The Beauty Of Mother Earth HD YouTube 3:13 minutes
·         Beauty Of Mother Nature-Hagalaz Runedance – Behold 3:45
·       Mother Earth Beauty HD (Michael Kamen - Band of Brothers: Suite Two) 9:13
Brothers and sisters, we must save this beauty for the future.We must not be selfish. At least what we know to date scientifically, we have found no other place like earth that has the conditions to support the magnificent, diverse forms of life we have here. We all need to understand the immense responsibility this puts on us to perserve such a treasure. This last part of the blog will address this idea. Please help me explore possibilities of how we can protect and bless our earth, our home.


  1. Hey Dee, very well thought out stuff. I have lots of comments. Unfortunately, it is time for bed and I have to work tomorrow, so I will be writing my comments over the next day or two.